Why Choose SigmaTech?


Our team members are consisted of experts in various range of IT services implementation. From business level down to every bit of code that we've usually build. We offer a full package of solution in terms of business & technical perspective,


In whatever system that you build. there are human interaction element inside. Our expertise on design will reduce the complexity to understand the system once the users are looking through the neat UI/UX.


Keep learning & improve our skill by having training & course. We make sure each of our team member always escalate their expertise. We believe that only by keep learning & accept the challenge will make us ready not only to witness the evolution of IT industry but also be one of the IT company who play a roles there.


We have a strict SOP & SLA to ensure your satisfaction. this SOP & SLA consist of the way how we reduce numbers of the issue & how we resolve the issue to meet our standard.


Fun ! that is the last but not least about who we are. we believe that a project is a playground to enhance your skill, meet your business need & also by having fun.